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Public Security
Date: 2011-11-08   

Focus on emergency standardization of natural disasters, accidents, disasters emergency standardization, comprehensive emergency standardization and standardization of emergency equipment and product research. For major natural disasters, accidents, disasters and other emergencies, carry out comprehensive risk analysis assessment standardization, and the incident prevention, preparedness, monitoring and early warning, and disposal of the rescue and recovery and reconstruction process standardization research. Around the major issues in urban emergency, in public places, public facilities and equipment, and other emergency response standardization research and development support based on standardized emergency management and decision support systems. Technology and equipment needs, combined with major emergencies disposal to carry out the monitoring and early warning, emergency rescue, standardization of life detection and individual protection, such as public safety and emergency equipment products. Assumed the work of the Secretariat of the National Public Safety basic Standardization Technical Committee (SAC / TC 351), proposed and is drafting a business continuity management standard, "public emergencies and drills Planning Guide," public emergencies Guide etc. dozen national standard. Counterpart International Organization for Standardization ISO / TC 223 Public Safety Standardization Technical Committee, led the drafting of the organization emergency capability assessment "of international standards in real terms involved in the drafting of the ISO / TC 223" public safety emergency drills and tests, command and control of the "public safety" more than ten international standards.

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, assumed the key projects of the National Science and Technology Support Program technical standards focus special and emergency platform system, the State Administration of Quality nonprofit industry-specific and a number of research topics, published 10 papers in core journals. Constructed a national emergency standard system and develop common basic standards; build eight important criteria emergency platform based standards system and the development of the key technologies involved in the completion of the emergency platform system and equipment research ", the 2010 National Science and Technology Progress First Class Award (Certificate No. 2010-J-24000-1-01-D06), the results have been used in the disposal of government departments and enterprises, such as emergency day-to-day management of emergencies, a significant effect in a series of major incident response support the the smooth and efficient running of the national emergency platform, made an important contribution to the national emergency platform system.



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