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Service Standardization
Date: 2011-11-08   

Standardization of services is the only research area of the Development Research Center of Modern Services Standardization, which has for the past years focused on the frontier theory, top-level policy planning and application studies of the fourth main fields including service standardization common theory, public service, consumer services and production services, has provided enterprises and other institutions with a range of services standardization solutions, achieved a large number of research results to enhance the comprehensive capacity of the field, strongly impelling the nationwide implementation of service standardization work.

The Center has focused on the four research directions, targeted at major customers, develop different development goals and specifically carried out relevant work, striving to promote the sustainable development of services standardization.

 - Fruitful results of basic researches
The Center has undertaken over 30 tasks of the national special science and technology program during the 11th Five-Year Plan, participated in the development of “Social Management and Public Service” and nearly 10 other services standards system planning, and published three monographs. The task “pilot and development of technical standards transformed from national technology research results” was honored the second prize for Scientific Development and Inspection and Quarantine by AQSIQ; The first book on services standardization – Introduction to Services Standardization has creatively constructed the fundamental theory system for services standardization.

The books published by the Centre have aroused extensive concern of the standardization sector, the service industry and the education sector, while they are generally well received and even taken as textbook and reference books by government departments, industrial associations, enterprises, universities, research institutions and standardization organizations.

 - Rich experience in standards development
The Center has developed over 60 national and industrial standards, covering a range of areas from basic and universal standards, public service, education, tourism, postal and express mailing and psychological services, etc. The industrial standard “express mailing service” and the national standard “community service guide” have won the second and third prized of the China Standards Innovation and Contribution Award.

 - Market strength
The Center has provided over technical consulting services for over 30 projects by state-level ministries such as the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Civil Affairs, the State Post Bureau and so on, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance, Jilin Provincial Bureau of Social Security at the local governmental level, as well as Jiangsu Changzhou Creativity and Culture Industry Base, E’meishan Leshan Budda Scenic Park Management Committee and other units at the enterprise level, proving its good marketing capacity.

 - Remarkable results with international work
The Center undertakes the mirror committee work of SO/COPOLCO, ISO/ TC 232 and ISO/TC 230, acts as the international expert for ISO/TMB/SPC, assumes the convener and secretariat for ISO/TC 232/WG 2, and leads the development of the country’s first international standard for service – Basic requirements for language training service providers.

 - Efficient operation of the fundamental platforms
The Center holds the secretariats of SAC/TC 264, SAC/TC 264/SC 1, SAC/TC 264/SC 2 and SAC/TC 443, sets up the website for national standardization technical committee on services ( At the same time, the Center has signed strategic cooperation agreement with 8 units in Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu and Guangdong to construct an all-round standardization demonstration sites and ensure the efficient operation of the fundamental platforms.



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